'Fast Track'

8 sessions in One Month to tackle an immediate goal! 

One 45 min Phone session & One 45 min Horse session each week for Four weeks!

*Available as a pre-paid Four week plan only

Option to continue 'Fast Track' coaching is on a month to month basis

$360 for the 4 week Fast Track Program


"Steady Track'

Once Weekly Horse  and/or Phone Coaching sessions - Pay as you go 

One 45 min EAC session each week. Experience a steady pace of collaborative coaching with horses!


Add in Phone Coaching or replace Phone Coaching when needed! 

Embrace a steady momentum of personal growth and development.  Lets highlight those moments and reach your goals!

$60 Per EAC session

$30 Per Phone Coaching session

*Ask about the 3 month pre-paid discount

Relationship Building with your Horse

Once weekly Sessions - Pay as you go

This is not 'training' or horse back riding instruction - its coaching to provide a different view and out look to how you and your horse can achieve better communication and connection. Overcome mental blocks, compromised confidence, fear, or just enhance your relationship with your horse!

$60 per 45-60 min session

*I Can come to your stable - Within a 30 mile radius: $10 travel fee